Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Duke's girlfriend

We've been taking Duke to the dog park since it's been so nice outside. That's where he met his girlfriend, Hannah, a.k.a Hannah Montana. She's just two months older than Duke. They have almost the same markings so it is so hard to tell them apart. They love to play together every time we're at the park.

Here's a picture of them playing tug.
Hannah is the one wearing a blue and red collar and Duke has the red one.

A few days ago, we went to the dog park again and Hannah was there too! And she and her owner got Duke something.

Her owner got him a studded collar! I know... kind of cheesy. Duke and Hannah play nonstop when we're there at the dog park and I think it's just cute to see them with matching studded collars:)


Rachelle said...

I went to college with your sis in law danielle and just peeked onto your blog from her blog. But I love this post. So cute, I have two dogs and would love for one of them to get a boyfriend!!