Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brett is 26!

It was Brett's birthday yesterday. To celebrate it, I threw him the best surprise birthday party I could ever throw!

Here are the invitations that I sent out.

I invited Brett's family and friends over for burgers and hot dogs in our backyard. 

Here's his birthday cake from Raspberries n Creme. It has a layer of milk chocolate cake, a layer of white cake with italian cream and strawberries in between, topped with whipped cream. It was soooo good!
It was so much fun planning it because I had to hide everything from him and act like as if I'm not planning anything big this year for his birthday. 

Special thanks to... our family and friends that came and celebrated with us. Topher and Carma who let me store my groceries over at their house. Billie who helped me all day. Lee, Jason, and Andy for taking Brett fishing. 

Brett had no idea what was coming last Saturday. It was priceless to see his smiling face as he enjoyed his party. Brett has been such a wonderful husband to me... I couldn't ask for more. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again babe!
Many more FUN birthdays to come!


Billie said...

Was so glad to be there and help! It was a fun day!!! Love you guys!!!

iMaLLheaRt said...

Wow that's awesome!! I can never surprise David, he always figures it out somehow...or I give it away accidentally!!