Monday, March 17, 2008

We ♥ Jack Johnson!

One of the many things that Brett introduced to me is Jack Johnson. He has every single Jack Johnson song in his Ipod. I remember when we were still going to school at BYU-Hawaii, we would play his songs where ever we go. It may be when we're going to the beach on a Saturday afternoon, or to town to go see a movie and grab dinner. 

Ever since we've moved back to Oklahoma, we've been going to his website and wishing that he would come here. Billie (Brett's mom) sent us an email telling us that Jack was coming to Kansas City in August. We were so excited! We got our tickets (thanks to our friends Topher and Carma) through Ticketmaster. 

We saw him perform once on Brett's birthday back in 2006 in Hawaii along with Brett's other favorite musician, Willie Nelson. We still can't wait for August to come! It will definitely bring back those wonderful memories that we had in Hawaii.


tristanandtricia said...

Jack Johnson is so great!! When Tristan and I were dating we always played his music too...I wonder if we should let the single's ward in on this little secret? :) I'm envious of your concert tickets...that's awesome!