Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Brett had mentioned to me numerous times how much he loved boxers and how great it would be to have one as a pet. I am a dog lover myself so on our first year anniversary I surprised him by adopting a baby boxer. We looked together in the paper and found that there was a family out in Shawnee that bred boxers. We drove to Shawnee and saw the most precious and cutest boxer puppy. 

We got Duke when he was just 8 weeks old.
That is Brett underneath him.

He has a lot of funny quirks especially when he is asleep.

Duke is 20 weeks old now and he is getting bigger and bigger each day.


tristanandtricia said...

I am SO excited you have a blog. Your dog is really cute. I can;t wait to see him for real, but until then, I love the pictures!

Carolyn Fjord said...

Duke is sooooo Cute!! We are so happy we got to see you guys! We love you!!