Sunday, February 15, 2009


And Brett did too! After having some free Carino's dinner here at home (they didn't have our To Go order ready when I picked it up so they gave it to me for free), Brett and I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic for Valentines Day. I've seen the book at bookstores and I've been tempted to buy and read it but never did. 

Anway, I loved the movie! Isla Fisher was so funny! And, the shoes and clothes were just too cute. It made me wanna go shopping after the movie! Who wouldn't want that red Ferragamo bag?


Danielle said...

Lol... I actually have this book if ya want to read it! I bought it at the airport on the way to New Orleans, but didn't ever finish it. It's set in London instead of NY, but it seems like a cute story. I need to see it. (Jason likes chick flicks too. I think it's a Francis guy-thing =)

Nate&Sam said...

I really wanna watch this movie so bad, I've been waiting for it to show in the theater.I love the trailer so I will for sure love the movie as well. hopefully I get to watch it this weekend.

Carl and Jerevie said...

Ma'am Leah! Sobrang fun ng movie diba?! Usually si Carl nakakatulog while we watch a movie. This time he didn't!
Its good to know youre all good after that tornado :)