Monday, November 10, 2008

My fave teacher - Merrilee Webb

Women's Choir was a class at BYU-Hawaii. It is an elective and a no auditioned choir class, so everyone can register and join it. Merrilee Webb taught the class for years and basically had the same girls and boys (for the men's choir) every semester. What I mean is that, us, her students, loved her so much that we registered for that class every semester. Usually they only allow 60-70 students in a class, but in her last year at BYUH, 140 girls wanted to join the women's choir. 

Sis. Webb is such a loving and inspiring teacher. She was someone that I looked forward to see each day. She's definitely one of those people that helped me become a better person. 

A friend just posted this video on Facebook. This was from our concert on her last semester at BYUH. This song is so perfect that we dedicated it to Sis. Webb. It's called "FOR GOOD" from the broadway musical Wicked.

For Good

Here are some more of the songs that we performed...

Dance On My Heart

What Would You Do If You Marry A Soldier

Instruments of Praise


iMaLLheaRt said...

wow! Me, David and Shaun were just watching the video and naming people we knew!! I never had a chance to be in the choir b/c of my classes! I have always wanted to though!! I love that song "For Good". I so want the watch the musical!! Memories of BYUH!!

Micah and Shey said...

Oh I love Sister Webb and wicked! you made me miss the good ol' BYUH days! We were gonna sing this song but didn't have time to practice. Lucky you guys! BTW, did you see her at Women's conference? She's the conductor!