Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Becky left....

Yesterday, Becky left for Texas... for good:( Brian and Becky just graduated in school and they chose McKinney to be their new home. Here are some pictures of her last day at school. 
I made her cupcakes!!!

Her farewell dinner at Hideaway.

Her last day at the school was a happy moment but at the same time I was sad because Becky is my best friend here in Oklahoma. She was the first friend I made when we moved to Oklahoma and she made my move here so easy. I remember when we just moved here, I am stuck in our apartment since we only have one car and I wasn't working yet. She would pick me up from our apartment and we would go to lunch together. I will definitely miss everything about her. I love you Becks and I'll miss your face!!!


Christensen Family said...

Leah, I need your help. I'm very tired of my hair. I don't want to go short, but I would go a bit shorter. I think you have the greatest eye for style, what would you do if you had free reign over my hair?

The Wright Fam said...

W missed you guys at the BBQ, hope you are having an awesome trip!! See ya soon!